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Biosmart Partnership/Distribution

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”


Your partner for a secure
investment in Biogas
-every step of the way


Smart Solutions Technology
Strives for sustainable development by innovating,
developing, operating biogas production plants.
We provide 15kva, 100kva, 500kva, 2MW & BIO CNG
Prefabricated biogas Plants besides developing
infrastructure for sustainable feedstock supply chain.


The story of biogas and its benefits is not well known. The potential of biogas is
enormous. Under condition of a supportive national legislation, the available biomass would not only cover the targets set in the National Renewable Energy Policy but beyond that would allow to multiply the production of biogas by a factor of four to five. Some domestic level system were introduced by some NGOs, however, there is hardly any industrial scale plant installed.
As Feedstock (waste/manure etc) is currently not harvested for energy. Also
the infrastructure of feedstock delivery is not yet well developed. Renewable
Energy policy does not provide any frame work to the developer to secure the long term availability of feedstock. Current RE policy focuses only on electricity generation and, there aren’t any incentives in Pakistan to pursue the identified opportunities in other market segments.

Join Us today as investor or Distributer

BIOSMART Domestic  Distributor Prerequisites:

All BIOSMART distributors are required to:

Establish a local demonstration sight with two systems. Systems must be fully constructed and operating, and a certified BIOSMART technician must be in charge of overseeing the demo.
Purchase a minimum order of 12 units (1pallets).
Complete a BIOSMART certified technician training course (at BIOSMART facilities or on site).
If you wish to promote Sustainable Housing Products in your region, but your operation is not yet at the business capacity described above, you can resell the Biosmart system. We recommend buying a system first. Having your own system will increase your ability to understand it, promote it, physically show it, and therefore increase the chances of reselling it.

BIOSMART System price $999  international , AND IN PAKISTAN Only Rs.125000/-
In the newest generation of household biogas systems, it has never been easier to turn your waste into energy!

Just toss your food scraps and/or animal waste into the system and generate up to 4 hours of renewable cooking gas and all-natural, liquid fertilizer DAILY.
BIOSMART provides the ultimate experience: quick assembly, low maintenance, durability, and convenient use.

Start producing your own gas and fertilizer today! & Earn Lot Of Profit

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