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Biosmart (Vehicle Fuel) CBG

The story of biogas and its benefits is not well known. Work is needed to educate Common man , potential developers, and potential consumers about the technology and its applications. As Feedstock (waste/manure etc) is currently not harvested for energy. Also the
infrastructure of feedstock delivery is not yet well developed. Renewable Energy policy does not provide any frame work to the developer to secure the long term availability of feedstock. RE policy currently focuses only on electricity and, there aren’t any incentives in Pakistan to pursue the identified opportunities in other market segments. Therefore, there is need to set priorities for new biogas markets and develop a roadmap for achieving the priorities. A process is needed to come to agreement on priorities and how to proceed, and
consider options for increased policy and regulatory support for biogas. A way forward is to demonstrate new markets for biogas through pilot projects to provide policy support. These pilot projects could be assisted with:

• Partnership development
• Project management support


The value of the product generated from one cubic meter of biogas is more than twice for bioCNG. The revenue realization in this case is more than double. Even with a slightly higher operating cost
and comparable capital cost, bioCNG is clearly a more profitable alternative.

Power bio CNG

For bioCNG no legislation is traced other than bagass/ biomass cogeneration, however, if Government
allows this is most viable option. To ensure the acceptance of biomethane as a viable, renewable
energy source suitable for introduction with existing natural gas supplies, examination of biomethane
quality and practices is necessary. Towards this end a pilot plant of 500kg/day output is proposed the
input for this project will be 10 ton per day. M/s Smart Solutions Technologies (a biogas plant
manufacturer) in association with NUST, PCRET, AEDB, HDIP, & CNG Association will build,
own, and operate the project

The turnkey deal at two acre site will costs around Rs. 12.5 million. The facility will be utilizing
“chicken manure”, “cow dung”, and “Molasses” and “agricultural reside” as feedstock to be sourced
from poultry farms at the plant site, as well as from neighboring villages/towns. The payback period is
calculated is one year.


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