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Constructional Research

Smart Solutions Technologies is a leading service provider of prefabricated modular biogas plant for
agricultural and industrial use. Our range of services covers the design, project management and
building of biogas plants as well as all the related technical and biological services. We work with the
entire biogas chain – from the production, upgrading, return of bio fertilizer to nature, distribution
and the building of fuel stations

Prefabricated systems present obvious advantages over the traditional ones:
(1) The biogas plant quality of prefabricated systems is better than that of traditional ones
because of industrial-level quality control;
(2) Prefabricated systems exhibit sufficient mechanical strengths with good air/gas
tightness and a long service life;
(3) Under normal conditions, good insulation maintains relatively stable temperatures
inside the reactor;
(4) Light weight facilitates easy transport; and
(5) As the installation time is short when the systems and/or modules are manufactured

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