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Compost 20 kg bag-accurate weight–ORGANIC FERTILIZER for plants (Delivery within 20 days)


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vermicompost is described as an excellent soil amendment and a biocontrol agent which make it the best organic fertilizer and more eco-friendly as compared to chemical fertilizersVermicompost is an ideal organic manure for better growth and yield of many plants.

A nutrient rich organic supplement to increase organic matter in the potting medium
Provides essential plant nutrients for healthy plant growth and improve soil structure.
made of organic matter broken using beneficial worms, bacteria ,and fungi for increasing nutrient quality .

  • Organic: The most important aspect of compost produced by earthworms is that it is 100% organic and there are no harmful chemicals present in it.
  • Nutrient- rich manure-The most significant benefit is that the nutrients in vermicompost are very easily absorbed by the plant roots. Vermicompost is not easily flushed from the soil because of the worm mucus that it contains. Plants have longer tendency to obtain the nutrients and get the maximum benefit.
  • Pest and disease resistance- As the compost is passing through the body of the worms it is enriched with bacteria and microbes, which help the plants to become more disease resistance and also repel some plant pests.
  • Healthier plants: As the vermicompost is the complete food, plants become healthier due to absorption of all available nutrients.
  • Improve plant growth: Vermicompost contains hormones that help plants to grow. Germination of the seeds is encouraged, growth of the plant is stronger and the crop yield is improved. Soil application of vermicompost helps to encourage healthy root growth.
  • Water retention: Vermicompost is a colloid and holds up to nine times its own weight in water. This can make a huge difference when there is a dry spell. The water is held at certain level so tends to evaporate slowly while still being available to the plants.
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Weight 20 kg


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