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We believe biogas is not just a fuel but a longterm investment in the society & in the future - INTRODUCTION

The market for energy from renewable sources is growing rapidly, stimulated by concerns regarding global climate change. Converting or capturing combustible gases from biomass is one of the most rapidly developing areas of energy production. This type of gas is typically referred to as “biogas.”Biomethane refers to the gas produced by cleaning and upgrading biogas produced through anaerobic digestion of organic by-products, such as cattle dung, vegetable wastes, sheep and poultry droppings, municipal solid waste, sewage water, land fill etc. After removing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases, the remaining methane is essentially the same as natural gas and can be used in all the ways natural gas is used. For this reason, bioMethane is also called renewable natural gas or green gas.

Biogas is a highly developed technology and is widely used in Europe since several decades. At the beginning the technology was driven by the upgraded value of digested agricultural waste as a fertilizer. In the later stage after 1991 with the feed-in tariffs, the interest shifted towards energy production. Todayexist over 8,500 biogas plants in Europe. Over the last 15 years Germany became the leading country in biogas production. The present role of biogas in Europe is dominated by installations in countries with fixed feed-in tariffs for electricity. That is the reason why more than 90% of all European biogas is used in CHP units producing electricity as well as heat. However, in Sweden biogas is used as bioCNG in transportation vehicles.

To date in the Pakistan, the main use of energy production from biogas is cooking, electricity generation at small scale for agricultural tubewell. However, there is a potential to employ this energy source for generation of electricity at larger scale i.e.500kva and upward to 20MW. A 1Nm3 of biogas produces 2.1kwh which fetch a rate of Rs.12-15/kwh in Pakistan

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